Get Online Technical Support For Hotmail Email Via Hotmail Technical Support:-

Hotmail Technical Support is the helpdesk services for Hotmail account as is very well justified by the name itself. Hotmail provides complete suite of Office products such as One Drive, One Note, PowerPoint, Excel and Office Online . It not only functions as Social Networking Portal but also as a chat messenger

Microsoft Technical Support for Hotmail is Excellent in terms of service but has a huge Customer base that is difficult to handle and hence third party services are required to fetch a Support for them .We are not an alliance company to Microsoft nor a Subsidiary but a Separate part offering similar services to users just to prevent the starvation of user requests that keeps on piled up with the technicians


Hotmail Technical Support provides a host of utilities listed above so we offer services relevant to them mentioned underneath

1) Hotmail Password Management– If a user is new to this email client and has forgotten the password, we over here help him retrieve that

2) Account Creation-Hotmail is linked to by Microsoft and it can be opened or signed in with any existing Microsoft Account

3) How to use OneNote, Excel Online, Presentation Online -The suite provided by hotmail is attractive and handy to use but some users  who may not have any hands on experience may face some some difficulty in using it. We provide technical assistance to the users in resolving minute issues they come across while using this office suite.

4) How to use Chat Messenger provided by the Email client– As Hangouts is in google plus same way it also provides a chat messenger that is easy to use.

5) How to use One Drive– It is the Cloud service offered by Hotmail to store exorbitant amount of photos, documents and information along with sharing options


Unlike traditional methods of visiting the user at his location we offer neoteric, state of the art, modernistic and dewy methods that are convenient and close at the hand to use. Services enlisted below as follows

1) Remote Desktop Services   Hotmail Technical Support gives set of easy to use tools that gives access to user’s desktop via request control request raised from technician’s end that the user needs to confirm for providing the control of his desktop for assistance

2) Live chats – A user can have a word of chat with the experts at our end and discuss the issue he is facing and have a word of advice to use the email client accurately

3) Forums and Text based chats and videos- These help to directly connect    to the experts along with quality content based designed tutorials available on forums

4) Support tool – These are effective tools to log your tickets or issues with us via mail id provided. A predefined SLA based on the issue is assigned to it and it has to be resolved before deadline.

5) A Toll Free Hotmail Customer Service Number to dial round the clock

The services under Hotmail Technical Support are provided free of cost to the user.